Admiral: the philosophical storage company

Admiral stores things.  Lots of things – but mostly what we store is paper, covered in information.

But what is this “information”?  That rather bizarre question was put to me the other day, and I have to say I was rather taken aback by the question.

Information is, I suppose, the answer to a question of some kind, and since human beings are people who are all about asking questions, then it is not surprising that people want to store information.

However I was not completely happy with this answer, so I went searching a little further, and found an article in New Scientist which said that everything comes back not to questions but to philosophy.

Now when I started this I was not sure we stored too much philosophy at Admiral, but the argument that everything does indeed come back to philosophy was supported by some rather curious research I found which suggests that wherever you start on Wikipedia (and you really can pick any word at random) and then click on the first blue hyperlinked word (excluding those in brackets or italics) and then in the article you get to, click on the first hyperlinked word (again with those exclusions) and so on, and on and on, you will always end up with the word Philosophy.

New Scientist tried it out with poet and went through poetry, literary, fiction, narrative, Latin, italic language, Indo-European, Family (language), human, living (extant species) biology, natural science, science, knowledge, facts, information, sequence, mathematics, quantity, property, modern philosophy, philosophy.

They then perversely tried starting with philosophy and went all the way round and round and back to philosophy in 20 steps.

Now what is particularly odd is that some very “concrete” words like “rock” lead to philosophy very quickly (ten steps in the case of “rock”).  But remember – there should be no cheating here – one must take the very first word offered by Wiki.

Now what this seems to imply to me is that Admiral, with its storage of documents which often (although not always) contains words, must in essence be a storage base of philosophy.

As a result I sought the permission of my colleagues to change the name of the company from Admiral Self-Storage to something that is more related to what is clearly our role in the world.  The trouble is that Admiral Self Philosophy doesn’t quite seem to work.

I have also tried Admiral Philosophy Storage, and Admiral Philosophical Self-Storage but nothing really seems to convey just how close we are to the core of all things – a mere 20 steps from the heart of everything.

I have however not given up on reflecting our position close to the core of all knowledge as I am now working on a couple of signs to have up over the entrance to the facility: “Welcome to the universal home of all things” is perhaps a little too pompous, but maybe “You are now entering the philosophical hub” would work.

Of course I am reminded of Douglas Adams’ famous concept of “life, the universe, everything”, and it is of course from Adam’s most well-loved work, “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.”  This book came up with what are now some of the most loved elements of contemporary philosophy.  So perhaps I may leave you on this with ““Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”

You can find more information about our facilities on our website at   Alternatively, you can call us on 0800 810 1125.

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