Top ten tips when moving house or moving offices

  1. Check what your insurance company will and won’t do.

Some home and office insurance policies have specific exclusion clauses about moving.  Check before you start.

  1. Make a list

After that basic point in part one, make a list, make sure you know where it is, and keep adding to it.  Put everything on, including the “of course I won’t forget that!” items.

  1. Make a schedule

You might not stick to it, but a schedule can help get things in the right order.

  1. Be ruthless in clearing out

All of us collect more and more things that we don’t need.  There is no point paying hundreds of pounds extra to move items that you will never ever use or need.

  1. Claim your free packing boxes from Admiral and do some sample packing.

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  1. Make a list of the order of packing

Don’t pack the kettle until the end, don’t let the children get involved (they’ll pack stuff they need ten minutes later), and do consider exactly what you will need first when you arrive, and put it in one or two boxes.

  1. Work either on one room at a time or one type of thing at a time

If you have rooms that contain items you can do without, then work on them first.

  1. Label each box

Not labelling boxes is one of the biggest regrets of most people who move.  You’ll never remember where everything is, and there is bound to be something you need.

  1. Heavier items at the bottom, lighter items at the top

It’s fairly obvious – but easy to forget if you don’t plan.

  1. Put vital documents together

Not just documents for the move, but all your key personal items.  You might not have needed your birth certificate or driving licence or passport for a while, but you never know.   Just get them all in one folder and label it.

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