The problem with moving

A recent report in the Metro has suggested that while everyone knows that moving house is stressful, many people are still caught out by some of the factors that cause the stress.

Most people will come to accept some of these factors once they have moved once or twice, such as, for example, that estate agents are not always going to be very helpful once they have got the house in their shop window.

But there are always things that continue to take us by surprise.

For example you might find that that having filled your boxes you find they are too heavy to move (which is why it is good to get a removal company like Admiral that not only does the removal but also does the packing), and that when you arrive there is nowhere to park the van so it can be unloaded (always worth checking that point before you plan the big day).

The house itself might have “operational difficulties”, such as the toilet not flushing or door keys being missing, or the promised superfast broadband, perfect mobile connection, and Sky dish just waiting to be plugged into your box all being a little wide of the mark.

Then there is the issue of gas, electricity, water… everything should be working fine, but did you actually check the pressure of the water when you were walking round the house or flush a toilet?

And all this stress comes before you actually start unpacking the boxes and wondering where on earth you put various essential documents.

Beyond any doubt if you do have documents (and in reality we all have documents that we might need to lay our hands on once a year) putting them into Admiral Document Storage before you start moving can save hours of searching after you’ve moved.

What you can also do is talk to Admiral Removals about the whole process.  We’ve done this quite a few times before!

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