5 Boeings and a whale

“How many blue whales can you fit into a Boeing 747 before lunch?” and other questions.

Over the time I have been writing this column I have occasionally dipped into the world of strange notices and random bits of information. And it seems that I am not the only one who has been fascinated by this desire of humans to put up ever odder bits of information for others to read.

I must admit that this fascination of mine doesn’t have too much to do with storage facilities any more, but since you already know that Admiral is a storage facility in the West Midlands, and you can see exactly what we do by clicking here, I thought I might be permitted a minute or two to report on some tales of bizarre signs and inexplicable messages.

The web page at the end of the internet is now quite well known – and it has been expanded since I last went there as it has a device which claims to be loading the whole internet into your hard drive.

This, it says, will take 4,381 years (or at least it will on my computer) but then after a moment or two it tells me that my computer is full, and so invites me to put a disk into the A drive.

I am sure I did once find a website that matched this, proclaiming itself to be the start of the internet, but when I typed that phrase in today I got two thousand nine hundred million results, none of which are on the first page.

Moving to another planet, I have been sent a copy of an old 10 Downing Street Newsletter which contained the interesting notion that “all new cars should be green”. As a person who generally likes blue or black cars, I am not sure that this restriction on my freedom of choice in the motoring market is that welcome.

Of course, there are always notices which relate to factors that are so boringly obvious one wonders why they are ever written. But then following one or two developments in the American Primaries one might begin to understand.

Here’s my favourite, passed on to me by a medical colleague. It is from the Journal of the American Medical Association…

“Keeping a gun locked and unloaded, and storing ammunition in a locked and separate location, can lower the risk of unintentional injuries and suicide among youth.”

I am surprised that no one in the UK has asked for that to be taught in the national curriculum.

Sometimes, however, it is all a matter of comparison. For example, it is sometimes said that a blue whale can be as long as the distance between the halfway line and the penalty spot on a football pitch and weigh as much as eight aeroplanes.

The problem with this is that elsewhere it is stated and oft repeated that an aeroplane can weigh as much as three blue whales.

Except that the world’s lightest planes weigh about 150kg which is less than one eighth of your standard blue whale. On the other hand, a Boeing 747 can weigh about 412 tonnes, according to my “Everyman’s Guide to the Weight of Aeroplanes” 2016 edition.

But Google tells me that a blue whale weighs on average 190,000kg. Which means I now have to translate tonnes in kg.

Fortunately, I know that one. A tonne is 1000kg. So a Boeing weighs 4,120,000kg while a blue whale weighs 190,000 kg.

That means that a Boeing is 21.6 times heavier than a blue whale.

But… if the Boeing were to be empty, with limited fuel and no passengers and luggage it would only weigh 180 tonnes. However, to then make the comparison one would have to weigh the blue whale before breakfast.

This is starting to get a bit too complicated for me, but in essence blue whales are fairly big and heavy while Boeing 747s are bigger and heavier. Both are too big to be stored in the Admiral Storage Facility.

It really is amazing what you can learn when you start looking.

Or not, as the case may be.

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