Why the attic is not a good place to store things you value

Admiral Document Storage stores a vast array of items for its customers with our facility kept at the right temperature, at the right humidity, and with none of the wrong creatures lurking in the gloom.

However, occasionally I get to speak to a potential customer who says, “I don’t need storage, I have a big attic.”

Sadly, the attic is not quite the place for storing things that you might imagine – although many people do still see it as an alternative to proper storage facilities.

One of the problem with attics is that most things that go in the attic stay in the attic – for years.

At Admiral Document Storage you can come in and check the contents of your storage with ease, something we tend not to do with attics. This is, of course, because of access problems and the like.

And the fact is that we don’t go up and check on what is in the attic to make sure it is ok. Indeed, if we had wanted to look at it, we probably wouldn’t have put it in the attic in the first place

The most common thing found in attics are books, and sadly they are the one particular thing you should not have in the attic. Silverfish are the problem here – they eat paper, as well as just about anything. Bookworms are also a problem – and they are not just a mythological creature!

Of course, this also means that it is not a good idea to keep old newspapers, scrap books, reports, magazines or anything else paper-based in the attic either. In particular if your birth certificate, marriage certificate, will, or anything else of importance is in the attic, maybe you should stop reading now and go and retrieve it. If it is still in one piece.

Wooden furniture is found less often in the attic but is also a problem. For wood it is the humidity that is the problem – the wood can crack as it expands. So if you have a chair up there, be careful how you sit down.

Heat in fact is the constant problem – it probably is a lot hotter in your attic than you imagine for much of the year. Many is the person who has put candles in the attic and come back and found them inexplicably melted.

Meanwhile the attic is also absolutely not the place for the wedding dress, military uniform or leather motorcycle jackets – or anything else you once wore but just can’t bring yourself to get rid of. Once again hot air is not what is required, and not only can you find that rodents can do damage, but the existence of the clothing can incite the mice into the attic in the first place.

Leather jackets are a particular problem as the temperature change and humidity can leave them with a bad smell and make them look damaged, rather than “well worn”.

And while I am on temperature change – pre-digital photographs and their negatives will suffer very badly from this. Indeed, along with paper, photographs are what you really should hand over to Admiral Document Storage to store – in the attic they will all wither away.

And there is one more thing that we have which we keep, just in case, but actually hardly ever get round to looking at. The old video cassette tape. You might not know it until you take one and put it in the machine, but the plastic container might be fine – but the tape inside could be in shreds. Not only will you lose your recording, but trying to play it could wreck your VCR.

So if the choice is between Admiral Document Storage and the attic, do think twice. Attics are really not all that you might think they are.

You can find more information on our storage facilities on our website at www.archive-document-storage.co.uk

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