The man who stored everything

There is a story concerning Commissario Salvo Montalbano (the fictional Sicilian detective created by Andrea Camilleri) in which he comes across a man who never throws anything away.  Everything that he has, he keeps.  Newspapers, notebooks, beer bottles, plastic cups… everything is filed and stored. 

In the episode “Ritorno alle origini” (Back to Basics) thieves break into the old gentleman’s storage facility and steal the beer bottle tops that the old gent purchased in a particular month some years previously, leaving the poor man distraught.  Montalbano solves the case, returns the beer bottle tops and the elderly Sicilian (who you won’t be surprised to know, lives on his own) is overwhelmed with gratitude.

Because the action takes place in Sicilly the houses are generally fairly large, and building a huge warehouse with enough space to store everything that you have ever used in life is no real problem.  But in England of course, space is at more of a premium.

Now I can’t imagine that the character invented in Back to Basics could exist in real life.  All of us, even those with the luxury of living in an area where there is a vast amount of spare land, select what we want to keep and throw the rest away.

But supposing, just for a moment, that we wanted to hold on to a record of (say) a really wonderful holiday.  In the old days we might have held onto our airline ticket – a flimsy document which measured maybe three inches deep by six inches across from which sections are torn as we travel.

Today however bookings are made on line, and as a result in this paperless age one can end up with five or six pages of A4 – more if you bother to print out all the terms and conditions of travel, not to mention the three page car park ticket.

So, in this paperless world, keeping a record of something like a holiday suddenly becomes a massive task.  Keep track of all your holidays and you are going to need a lot of storage.

In fact, most of us throw away most of what passes through our lives, but for some of us there are some collections that are kept.  A character in an episode of Jonathan Creek filled his country mansion with complete copies of slightly risqué 1950s magazines (slightly risqué for the time that is, rather ordinary by today’s standards).  Which again is fine if you have a mansion, but less easy to handle without.

Which brings me back to the Admiral Document Storage Facility.  If you have items from your past that you want to store – whatever they are – we are here, able to take them.  You can inspect at any time in a private room which will be made available for the purpose.

As it turns out, you don’t need a mansion at all.

To find out more take a look at our website or call us on 0800 810 1125.

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