What is the easiest way of storing documents when I’ve run out of space?

Of course it is always tempting to think that if there is simply too much paper work to store, then one can scan it, and put the resulting scans on a hard drive.

But… hard drives can corrupt, be over written, or simply get lost.  And just occasionally I hear customer tales of how a member of staff having a clear out and getting rid of “those old hard drives that we’ve had on the shelves for years.  No one ever uses them…”

And that is true. No one ever uses them because… they are, or rather were, a complete record of all the invoices issued six years ago.

In effect the only really safe way to store documents that you want to keep, is to hold them in two places – and to make one of these paper-based.

But inevitably one needs to store more than invoices. Records of the company need to be kept too – and these can include references to the company within newspapers and magazines.

Although it is possible to take out just the article in question, if you are looking to give future generations a full grasp of the article about the company in reference to the era in which it appeared, you will want to keep the whole paper.

In fact, the chances of your company appearing in the press is still quite high, despite the growing enthusiasm for digital media. There are currently ten London-based national papers, 68 English regional dailies, nine Scottish dailies, six Welsh dailies, and three Northern Ireland dailies. 

Beyond that there are three non-paid for dailies at present, plus a growing number of weekly regional papers. And beyond that around 3300 consumer magazines and 2000 business magazines all published at least once a month.

On that basis it is not surprising that your company will be mentioned somewhere at some time.

And this of course is what many companies use an off-site storage facility for. Storing everything from invoices to newspapers.  

Which is why the Admiral Document Storage facility in the West Midlands is built around the idea that each customer can only access his/her stored items.

There is more information on our website, alternatively give us a call on 0800 810 1125.

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