It is all the fault of the Belgians (and other foreigners)

A story in the Daily Mail on 27th September 2012 shows exactly what our problem with paper is.

The story begins, and throughout this I quote exactly from the Daily Mail,

“These days we communicate most of the time by email and text, receive statements online and fax machines are already a thing of the past – yet global paper consumption since 1980 has gone up by almost half.

“The worst offenders are the Belgians, with the equivalent of 8.51 40-foot trees worth of paper being consumed by each member of the population per year, according to The Economist.”

Just notice how the word “offenders” is slipped in here.  There is no indication that any offence has been committed or that anything is being done wrong. But suddenly Belgium is accused of a non-existent crime.

(I must say I find this strange – I was in Antwerp for a week recently and it was a most wonderful place – with no noticeable excess of paper usage at all.)

The Mail continues, “The magazine points out, however, that its position at the top of the tree-consumption tree is partly down to the EU headquarters being there, which prints vast amounts of paperwork in countless languages.”

So the Mail can now get in its double hit – not just those boring Belgians but we can see the true enemy – the EU – the bête noir of the Mail.

”The No 2 spot is filled by Finland, which apparently does convert a lot of its paper into domestic packaging, thereby distorting its tree consumption.”   Note “apparently” – suddenly the research is reduced to assumption – but who cares – let’s have a go at Finland.

“The top next three worst offenders are Germany, Japan and Sweden – despite all three having technology-driven economies.”

So we are back to an offence – a non-defined offence at that.  And it continues (noting in passing that it is all the fault of these evil foreigners),

“The rest of the top 10 is made up of the U.S, Denmark, Switzerland, Netherlands, South Korea and Canada.

“The UK comes in at No 11, with each member of society using the equivalent of 4.48 trees.   Next in the chart comes France, Spain, Portugla, Ireland and China, which only uses 1.81 trees per person.”

(Actually that mis-writing of Portugal is the Mail, not me, I have been printing this exactly as written.)

“Azerbaijan is the most tree-friendly nation, with only 0.16 trees per person being used each year.

“Paper recycling is certainly something that the UK population feels strongly about with a marked increase in the amount recovered per household since 1997.”

So, there we have it.  Evil foreigners and the EU in particular.  Good old democratic Azerbaijan is the goodie in all this.

Still, at least the Mail does allow people to write back in with their comments. Here is just one…

“This story just perpetuates the myth that paper is “evil” when it is not. It is a crop like any other and is replenished. Rain forests are cut down for living space and have nothing to do with paper production. The paper industry gives people work and supplies us all with beautiful objects; real books that we can put on shelves rather than computer files that we store on eGadgets.”

It is indeed just so. The EU is self-sufficient in paper, and our society needs paper.  As long as more trees are planted than are cut down for paper use we are ok environmentally, and that is exactly what happens.

We have paper, and we store paper.  In fact a lot of paper gets stored with us.  If you have paper that you need storing do call.  And you won’t find a copy of the Daily Mail anywhere near the place.

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