Uncertainty lost; your boxes found.

There is an app that is available on a number of phones which comes out with random instructions for people to undertake.  Things like, “follow the third stranger you pass,” or “step in every puddle you find”.  Or, “stop the next person you see wearing red and ask him/her the name of the city you are in”.

The apps also sometimes come with maps, which are themselves used to send the user off in random directions.

Behind this is the notion that we are currently being optimised to within an inch of our lives. The right books, the right CDs, the right mate – everything is chosen for us. Randomness is on a losing wicket.

This is very much a case of randomness losing out.  In fact, when the random events hits our consciousness we are taken aback that such a thing could happen in such an organised age.  The flood, the famine, the drought, the collapse of a building – we still share in our horror and sympathy for those caught up in the disaster.

But equally, we are just bemused that somehow the organisation that surrounds our lives has broken down.

And I have to admit that I am part of that organisation. I help people to organise things so that when they put them in my storage facility at Admiral they can be assured that upon their return, not only will the stored items still be there, but they will be in the place where the customer expects them to be.

I find this final element in the assurance a crucial one.  Most people realise that when they put items in storage it may be some time before want them again.  So a proper indexing system is needed.

That is quite right and proper.  But what is interesting is that research shows that although we try to remove the unexpected from our lives, when we do find something unexpected happening we respond in an emotional way. 

Put another way, there is a certain argument that says, “keeping the uncertainty in life is beneficial”.

Now, just in case you are already an Admiral customer, I want to assure you at this point that I am not about to sneak into the storage facility and start moving things around.  So you don’t have to start worrying about possible outcomes that might occur next time you come to Admiral to look at something you have stored.

No, everything will be there exactly as you stored it.

There is more information on our storage facility on our website – www.archive-document-storage.co.uk/

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