Where’s my birth certificate?

Yesterday my next door neighbour popped round and asked me if I would copy a couple of documents for him.  (My printer at home is one of the modern ones that incorporates printing, scanning and photocopying – his home printer is one of the older types that, well, prints.)

Of course I obliged, and I saw with interest that these documents I was being asked to copy were his birth certificate and marriage certificate.

It turned out he had just been offered a chance to take early partial retirement from his job as a probation officer, and his employer was helping him make up the short-fall in his income by a partial uptake of his pension.

To undertake such a complex arrangement the full details of who he was had to be provided to the pension company.

And as I said to him at the time, I suspect that not everyone would be able to find their documents so readily if asked for them.

Not only can documents simply go astray in the normal course of life, but events such as moving from one house to another, a break-in at one’s house, a fire, or anything else of that nature, can lead to documents simply being lost.

Of course, it is always possible to get a duplicate – but it takes time and quite often when one is organising events like getting a new passport, or indeed taking up a pension, time is not always on one’s side.  Besides which, proving who you are can take time as well if you are starting without any of the documents that are requested.

Which is why a number of my clients who have taken out storage with ourselves have put into their personal facility either the original or a copy of their personal vital documents.  Indeed I know a couple of firms which have said to their staff: we have this secure storage facility, and if you want to put in an envelope of your personal documents (or copies thereof) then please do.  It is just a little perk of the job.

Most people still like to keep their original documents at home – but by having a copy of these key documents elsewhere they know that:

  1. if they are asked for a copy, they can make one, even if the original is missing
  2. if they need to obtain the original again, they at least have all the reference numbers and the like, to make their claim easier.

And that’s really my point.  When a company hires a storage facility it can use it to store all sorts of things, including valuable documents belonging to their staff.  It is just a nice little extra to offer. 

Each member of staff has their own envelope, they are all put into a box together, and there they stay until needed. It is a minor point, but just a nice little extra.

If you would like to know more about our storage facility in the West Midlands, there is more information on our website – www.archive-document-storage.co.uk.

Alternatively give us a call on 0800 783 9516.

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