It is not just a case of storage – it is a case of knowing where you put it

Of course if you store your paperwork with Admiral we trust that you might remember that you have stored your paperwork with Admiral – (that is at Unit 4, Maple Leaf Industrial Estate, Bloxwich Lane, Walsall, West Midlands, WS2 8TF).

But supposing you have a lot of paperwork with us.  How will you find out where a particular item is?

For many of our customers this is easy since they are just giving us boxes of invoices and receipts in date order.

And yet if you go any further than this, there is another issue: the issue of the index.

Now indexing is something that is close to my heart since my favourite aunt, Aunt Davina, was an indexer and an avid member of the Society of Indexers.  I remember once annoying her as a teenager by suggesting that her Society should not be the Society of Indexers, but rather should be Indexers, Society of, The.

Anyway, Aunt Davina never stayed annoyed for long and regularly told me to index as I went rather than when I had time at the end of a project, otherwise, she would say, the indexation never got done.  “It is amazing,” she once told me, “how long it takes to complete something you are not working on.”

I tried hard through my visits to Aunt Davina to find come backs to lines like that.  And it was tough because she was so good at the quick comment.  I did once risk having hot tea poured over me when I looked at an index she had just completed for a book and told her it was very nice, although there were occasional dull patches. 

But often I had to admit that I didn’t have a phrase to hand – especially when after the “dull patches” remark she replied that the way in which I believed in myself was refreshing in these days when so few people believe in God.

That’s how it went.  Aunt Davina earned a good living out of indexing, including occasional work on huge collections of files that were to be put in storage.  Once I saw one of these and asked how she managed to reduce such a huge number of pages to nothing more than fifty entries.

“Discretion,” she told me, “is the better part of indexing.”

She was a great source of fun and amusement to me in my teenage years, and I hope in some way my visits gave her a little bit of amusement too.  She is sadly no longer with us, but I continue to carry her message before me. 

When storing, do think of the storage and retrieval system – and that means Admiral.  And then think about the index.

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