What have we got in storage?

Of course we don’t ask our customers what they are putting in our storage containers, beyond ensuring that there is nothing stored of a forbidden nature.

But sometimes they do willingly discuss such matters with us and tell us what they hold.

Legal documents inevitably come out on top, but after that there are some interesting things tucked away in our storage facility.

First, it appears we have got the original typed manuscript, with author comments in pen, of a number of books.  I am not sure any of them are world-famous, but you can understand people wanting to keep such documents in a safe environment.

It also seems that we have actually got a few musical manuscripts as well.  There’s a symphony and a few pop songs too.

Moving into different territory we have a huge collection of sporting programmes, from speedway to football.  Clearly the owner doesn’t need to go back and consult them very often, but he does want to keep them.

Perhaps most strange of all in our storage facilities are some early editions of computer manuals. Are they of particular value?  Do people collect them? I don’t know, and I didn’t feel able to ask.  But we’ve got them. All tucked up and securely saved for whenever the owner (and of course no one but the owner) comes along and wants to have a look.

More expected perhaps are the magazines – full sets of magazines of a certain type from a certain era.  Out of the light and preserved, perhaps for when the price goes up.

There are maps too – and that was something I wanted to have a look at, but didn’t get the chance.  Maps from different eras of different countries.

There is, of course, no limit to what can be stored in our facility, within the context of what the law permits, and it doesn’t just have to be paper.  And you don’t have to tell us what it is.  But if you do, I’m always happy to listen.

For more information give us a call on 0800 783 9516.  Alternatively there’s more information about our storage facility on our website.

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