How much paper do you actually have?

If you run a regular digital photocopier running individual pages then the chances are that you buy boxes of A4 paper. Such boxes are usually about 20cm deep and contain five packs of 500 sheets. 2500 sheets in total.

One way to work out how much paper you have is to see how many sheets you buy at a time, and how often.  Multiply by the number of years you have been buying at this level, and then knock off about 15% to account for the amount thrown away.

Of course some firms throw away far more than this, but 15% seems to be the average for a company. The rest goes into files and other forms of storage.

Most paper can be packed to a level of about 150 sheets of paper per inch (2.5cm). In terms of weight a sheet of A4, 80gsm paper (the type most of us use in printing machines and for photocopying) weighs about 5gm.

So a pack of A4 weighs about 2.5kg and a box of paper weighs around 12.5kg.

As a side issue you might like to note that 12.5kg is a fairly heavy item to lift unless you are lifting in exactly the correct way. Back injuries can easily be caused by lifting a box of paper.

Of course you might have a collection of filing cabinets – and these can come in all shapes and sizes, but a standard four drawer filing cabinet might have around 15,000 sheets of paper in it when full (although of course it does depend very much on how you divide up the paper using files).

Which then raises the question – what are you doing with all this paper? If the answer is putting it in more and more filing cabinets, it might be a good idea to consider putting some of it into storage – which is exactly why we are here.

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