How many legal cases are there each year?

I have been told that around a million legal cases are heard each year by magistrates courts alone in England.

Well, “told” isn’t exactly the right word here since I found the number on the internet and it may not be 100% accurate – but it’s a nice round number, so it will do.

Elsewhere it seems that in 2009 the number of civil cases launched in High Court jumped by 25% over the previous year. Also in 2009 there were around 45,000 private law cases involving children heard in England.

Here’s another: the number of High Court commercial law cases is now at its highest for six years and still rising.

Actually I could keep going on this for quite a while. The number of Companies Court proceedings initiated in the Chancery Division jumped 54% from 15,079 in 2005 to 23,215 in 2006.

So, one might take it that legal cases are on the rise. As is the number of contracts – although I can’t prove this one. I typed, “how many contracts are issued each year?” into Google and there was nothing remotely relevant to the question anywhere.

Even those funny content farms which put up a million or more pages a month in order to get to the top of the Google rankings, and in which each question is answered bizarrely and generally wrongly, haven’t tried with these questions. If you want to try it out go to and type in a question and see what you get. (There are lots of other such sites, but I will let you find them).

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