The three things you really ought to check

If a light bulb goes in your office, it tends to get replaced fairly quickly, for obvious reasons.

If the heating breaks down in winter there’s a similar urgency about getting it fixed.  Everyone knows the boiler’s on the blink, and there’s no hiding from the cold.

But there is one aspect of most businesses that isn’t immediately apparent, generally isn’t checked, and yet, when it goes wrong, can cause a disaster.

Papers and other products put in storage tend to be forgotten, because that’s what putting something in storage is all about.  After all, what can go wrong with storage?

Well, three things actually.

First, even in what appears to be a warm dry atmosphere, dampness can creep in.  If it’s caught in the first few weeks there’s no problem, but a year down the line and that can be highly troublesome.

Second, putting items into storage is easy – but there can be a problem with retrieving items filed away years before.  Until you try to find the invoice, contract, deeds or other document from six years ago, and then realise that 50 other boxes have to be moved first, you don’t know there’s an issue.

Finally, there is the issue of items that go missing.  Every organisation has the potential to lose documents.  Even Companies House can and does lose documents.  But that doesn’t make life easier (and nor is it an excuse when faced with a very annoyed client).

Admiral Storage gives you storage that is set at a constant humidity and temperature, in which retrieval of all documents is easily organised, and which is utterly secure, so that no one other than you or your representative can access your documents.

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